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In 1979 United Artists released a comedy that took place 20 years in the future. A powerful conglomerate of Native Americans threatens to foreclose on the federal government unless it can raise enough money to stay afloat. The solution is a telethon for America. The movie didn't do very well and quickly disappeared. It bombed because it relied on the absurdly prophesied state of America in the future for most of its laughs. One of the kindest critics of the film in 1979 said "The premise of Americathon is strong enough to sustain a 15-minute skit but the movie has the ill fortune to drag on for an hour and a half." How Reality Intervened:

After the second Iraq War after two generations' worth of President Bush had spent billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives trying to take out the same maniacal Iraqi dictator American soldiers finally captured the sonofabitch and subjected him to interrogation. They wanted to know where the weapons were hidden why he'd been such a pain in everyone's ass for the past decade and a half and they probably teased him a little bit for writing all those shitty romance novels.True to his reputation Saddam went out of his way to be defiant and uncooperative in the face of FBI and CIA interrogation. An FBI intelligence officer named George Piro was finally able to start getting some answers from him by appealing to his vanity assuring him that he was a high-ranking official who reported directly to President Bush and presumably that President Bush would be conducting the interrogation himself nike shoes, but he had a thing he couldn't get out of.

Unfortunately Kevin Bacon is not on any of the boards air max 2011, so we can't play that game.As you can imagine directors are picked pretty often for name recognition or connections (we'll let you figure out what kind of connections they're picking the senator's wife for) and aren't expected to do anything meaningful as far as decision-making.They're not people who actually manage the nitty-gritty tasks of a company so much as celebrities dropping in on the African orphanage they founded a couple of times a year. If they were to say they've decided all the children need to wear fruit hats someone would promptly put in an order for fruit hats and take care of it but they wouldn't grill the celebrity on each article of clothing each child should be wearing or their meal schedule or ask them to break up a fight.There's no shortage of movies showing contempt for ordinary 9-to-5 office jobs -- Wanted Office Space air max 2011, American Beauty The Incredibles The Matrix. The characters always discover that the only way to find happiness is to break out of that job and pursue the special thing they were meant to do (save the world become an assassin leer at teenage daughter's friend).

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